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Notice of Retirement/Shutdown - Business for Sale

Due to the owners’ retirement, we regret to advise you that Cleaning Consultants (Contractors) Ltd has now  ceased trading at these premises.

However, our very experienced operatives are continuing to trade and all enquiries, whether for works to be carried out in their workshops, or for works at your own premises, will be directed to the appropriate team. 

Please complete an enquiry form on our Contact Us page (link at top of page), or call 07789 431234 to discuss your project. 


We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your loyal custom over the years and we wish you and your business well in the future.

With best regards


James F King-Wilson, Managing Director




Cleaning Consultants (Contractors) Ltd is a specialist blast cleaning company based in West Sussex.

Blast cleaning is the process we use for paint stripping, rust removal or cleaning or profiling surfaces. 

Lots of companies do blast cleaning but we are different because of the way we do it, the diverse types of media we use, the care and attention to detail, the experience we have and the great care we take of your property, be it a rare classic car, a rusty motorbike engine, an old cast iron fireplace, a tiny cottage or a stately home.

Our founding MD has instilled pride in a job well done into his staff - customer service is paramount. Over the years we have received hundreds of letters from satisfied customers because of the care taken and attention to detail.Customers come back time and again because we give them what they want.

Whatever your cleaning or paint/rust removal need, we have probably done it before.

We have In House and Mobile Divisions and we also sell blast media to restorers who have their own blasting equipment.   

For more information on our In-House work, please use the buttons above Headed Automotive, Industrial or Preservation, depending on your area of interest.

The Automotive section explains our expertise in media blasting for the preparation of vehicles being restored, with sub sections on the various stages of restoration, our particular methods and why we use them as opposed to other methods currently available.

The Industrial button above takes you to areas that explain our methods of cleaning and profiling metals and alloys for all areas of industry and the Preservation heading takes you to areas that illustrate how homeowners, retailers, commerce, agriculture, in fact anyone that requires paint, grime or rust removed from practically any surface, can benefit from our methods.

At our works in West Sussex we have blast rooms dedicated to the different types of media (the material we blast at the object to remove the coating). These include soft plastic media - tiny particles of recycled plastic - a system used widely in the US aerospace industry, but is still less common in the UK because of the high initial set up costs.  We also use garnet, expendable grits, limestone, glass bead and even steel grit in very limited applications.    

Our Mobile Division, where we come to you if you are in Surrey, Sussex or Hampshire, caters for property owners/custodians be it a country cottage, a church, an industrial building, right through to buildings owned by English Heritage and the National Trust.

Occasionally our teams go travel further afield, removing paint, dirt and grime from oak beams, timber or flagstone floors, doors, window frames, inglenooks, stone or brick, etc. Our careful treatment can completely transform a property, giving it a whole new lease of life, enhancing period features and exposing the original fabric of the building, so often painted over. 

Fire damaged buildings also benefit from our treatment, which can include de-odourising to remove lingering smells from smoke and charring after we have cleaned the timber, stone, brick, etc. surfaces.

It’s not only period properties that benefit from blast cleaning.  Since new oak is commonly used in construction nowadays, we are often called in by builders to clean new oak frames after erection.  

Click the Buildings button above to see examples of our work.

Though the popular generic term for the process is still ‘sandblasting’ the use of sand is illegal, since it produces free silica that is damaging to the respiratory system.  We don’t use sand, only Health & Safety Approved materials.

We do hope you stay awhile and look at example photos in the various areas of this website.  You might come across something that you also have that could do with a facelift.  There is something very satisfying about restoration and of course recycling is very politically correct at the moment, and we are pleased to be a part of that.   There's a lot to look at so Bookmark us for later if you haven't got time to look at all we do now.