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Paint Removal

Car Paint Removal by Plastic Media Dry Stripping                                                 

The method we use to remove paint from cars and motorcycles is Plastic Media Dry Stripping. This has replaced the old sand blasting methods which are now illegal. Plastic Media Dry Stripping was initially developed for the aerospace industry. This blast cleaning technique uses millions of tiny particles of angular graded plastic propelled at the surface to be paint stripped in a stream of fast moving compressed air.

The paint is removed by the chipping and scratching action of the sharp edged pieces of plastic. These plastic particles are relatively soft and lightweight. On steel panels the plastic media does not mark the surface of the metal and so allows the removal of paint from thin steel panels.

There is no distortion because there is no heat generated and the plastic media is not hard enough to break the surface of the steel. Lower pressure is required using plastic media blasting, which is beneficial, not only in avoiding distortion, but also in preventing the tiny particles of plastic from breaking down too quickly. This enables us to recover it for filtration and re-use (plastic media is some 10 times more expensive than normal abrasive media).We need to blast about 3.5 tonnes of plastic media at the average bodyshell to remove the paint.

Plastic media blasting can be used to remove paint from aluminium and fibreglass too. More operator skill is required and smaller grades of plastic media and even lower pressure are required, as these surfaces can be damaged because they are softer.

Cleaning Consultants (Contractors) Ltd. will always carry out a demonstration on a component or panel of a car if requested to do so (by arrangement) to try and establish what sort of finish can be expected prior to stripping a whole car. However we have seen on many occasions, that one individual panel is not necessarily representative of the whole car and we can in no way guarantee what the final finish will be on the whole project. Filler can hide all kinds of problems and you don’t know what you have got until it is all off.

We will undertake our work diligently and with every effort to produce the best possible finish for your car restoration project.

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