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We clean all types of wheels for motorcycles, cars, lorries, tractors, thorough to Formula 1, including steel, alloy or magnesium. We even clean wooden spoked wheels for vintage and veteran cars.


Sandblasting Wheels

The material and coating to be removed will dictate whether we use plastic media, grit or glass bead to achieve the required finish, sometimes all three. If the wheel is powdercoated it can increase the time taken substantially. Magnesium wheels often arrive for blasting and we take the paint off with plastic media only. They never look very good but if you grit blast them or glass bead them you cannot detect cracks in them when they are tested using dye penetrant. Later Ultrasonic crack detection processes can detect cracks even if there is a surface profile. The wheels need to be blasted with hard abbrasive to give them a profile if they are to be repainted. Just tell us what finish you want to acheive, we are usually able to meet customers’ requirements.

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