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Aluminium is relatively soft hard abrasives will profile the surface leaving a key for subsequent coatings.   This applies to things like sweet moulds that are coated with PTFE (better known by the trade name Teflon used on your cooking pans) to stop them sticking to the mould.
Similarly, photo copier rollers can be refurbished by removing the old coating and applying the same type of material, but they are thin walled and great care is required to avoid damaging them.
One project we do periodically is to blast a small area of an aluminium wheel hub assembly to create a coarse profile so that the oil seal is retained snugly in its seating.  This requires a coarse abrasive to create a rough texture in the soft aluminium.
Hydraulic control valves can be made from engineering grades of Aluminium and our plastic media is one way of removing paint etc. from the exterior of an assembly for refurbishment, and generally, plastic media wont produce a profile. We can also remove most powder coating materials, but the tough ones can increase the time and therefore the cost significantly.
Aircraft component are usually made from hard aluminium and stripping aircraft landing gear is one of the many uses for plastic media dry stripping.

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