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Lots of people bring us things like old roll top baths, fire backs, boot scrapers, radiators, log burners, weighing scales and all kinds of weird and wonderful things to work on that they have found in scrap and reclamation yards, we clean them up and sometimes they grace some of the finest country homes, giving them that air of authenticity.

Finds from car boot sales, jumble sales, house clearances or just from clearing out a garage can end up here to be given a new lease of life and the transformation can be amazing. As the saying goes, “One man’s junk is another man’s treasure”. Lots of our customers are discovering that money can be saved by restoring – and selling on - items that they would otherwise have taken to the dump.

In this wasteful world we like to feel we're doing our bit for the planet. Not only do our processes re-cycle the item itself, but a lot of the materials we use for blasting is re-cycled.