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Blast cleaning is not an exact science and every job we undertake is different.  

Customers naturally want to know how much a job is going to cost, whether they want a whole car stripped, or just a wheel, whether it is a valuable antique piece of furniture, or a modest garden chair.  

The operatives' time spent on the job and the actual methods used to achieve the desired result both play a part in the eventual cost and we therefore can only use previous jobs of a similar nature as the benchmark.  

We don't therefore give firm and fast prices for our work.  If we did then we would be charging more for the easy jobs to cover our costs for the difficult ones.  We think the fairest way of charging is by the actual time taken on each task from the operatives' timesheets.  We give a 'guesstimate' when the job is booked in and if once we start blasting we find there is much more (paint, filler, corrosion) than usual to remove, we will contact you to discuss the job. We try to give you the best job we can -every time- and we wont try to make the job fit the price since doing so could have a detrimental effect on our reputation for quality of work.  We simply do what we are asked and the time factor will determine the price.  Similarly, if we have over-'guesstimated', we still charge by the actual time spent.   Our regular customers know we are fair with our pricing and understand this.