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We regularly clean machinery both onsite and in our works for local manufacturing companies as part of their essential maintenance programmes to ensure continuity of production. Component parts made from steel, aluminium, even rubber, benefit from our cleaning processes.   Pumps, fans, drums, pipework, engines, etc. are just a few examples of the industrial items we deal with. 

Metal finishes available include:
We have the facility for hot metal flame spraying - an alternative method of corrosion treatment.  This is ideal for classic car chassis, parts & exhausts, garden furniture, gates & railings, architectural & ornamental items.   The metal finishes we use are Zinc, Aluminium, Copper, Bronze or Stainless Steel. The surface texture is rough to the touch like sandpaper but it can be polished to a mirror finish with care; if the polishing generates heat the sprayed metal may expand and break the adhesion with the parent metal because the application is normally only a few fractions of a millimetre thick.